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Previously On Batman

Oct. 18th, 2005 09:35 pm

I have to get a few things off my chest.....

There was a big house. Very big. It had all the usual things that a big house would have like red wood furniture and velvet drapes (also red). Stairs were definitely a big part of the house. I think it had a drawing room?? Or perhaps it was a study?? A room anyway that was sort of like an antechamber to a library.... but the sort of library you have to be invited to... you couldn't just 'rock up' sorta fing.

This anteroomlibarychamber (lets call it a study) had a large (wooden) desk towards the back (double doors... did I mention the house was teh big?) Off to one side were some windows covered in drapes (which are like rich curtains). The drapes were entirely too big for the windows (despite the windows largeness) and come out spilling across the floor and were in fact tucked under one leg of the desk.

Behind the desk there was a sort of stage with 3(or maybe 4) small steps leading up to slightly higher area of floor (hence the feeling of staginess). Most of the stage was also covered in drapes... but these were much more like the heavy curtains you'd find at a theatre (or playhouse perhaps).

The rest of the room was rather dull.... not in the sense of not having anything interesting around... it just all sort of blended into the background. Id say a few walls held paintings and those strange side tables that are the purest form of the interior design paradigm shouting opulence!! (At least I’m sure that’s what I mean). Also there were sure some bronze vases (pronounced more than likely by the occupant as v-AY-se (opposed to me who would say v-AR-se). Perhaps some bull rushes or other such dried plants occupying the aforementioned vessels...at least I say dry because water hadn't been near that room for a long time, you could smell the dryness.

Therefore the desk and its occupees (if that’s what you call the objects which sit upon it) drew the attention on anyone entering through those double doors. Most of the desk was covered by a (leather? hard to tell from here) cover, which would allow anyone who writes on it the comfort of a soft surface (not too soft, quill mustn't penetrate paper!). There were also some writing implements such as quills nibs and ink.... some paper lying about also. Definitely lots of paper lying about probably some of it written on some if it drawn upon... a few scraps and screwed up balls of paper lying around the desk legs.

There was a chair, old, black leather, dusty (despite the man sitting in it). The man didn't notice me, probably never noticed anyone who entered the room. I suspect however had anyone opened the window drape letting in midday sun he would have sprung to violent action, belying his apparent fragility. He had one arm firmly held to the table and the other operating the most peculiar of the study's contents.

The arm held to the table was strapped to it with a number of leather belts. The four fingers and thumb were slipped into a sort of fingerless glove, palm up, which was made from very hard leather with a wooden handle in the middle of it for the fingers to wrap around and squeeze. There was a belt over the wrist and just below the elbow, both done up tight. The there was a framework of metal coming off the desk were the mans elbow could sit into comfortably and bend upwards leaving the upper arm to rest against the back of the frame. His biceps were facing out and there was another belt that was apparently meant to go across his biceps and attach his arm to the framework, this was left untied. Also some straps coming from the framework over his shoulder (also apparently used to attach him firmly to the framework) were only loosely done up.

His other hand held a much more interesting device. It was a long metal arm coming straight of the desk. Bolted onto it (definitely not part of the desk makers original design). The metal arm looked very much like a real arm.... it come up out of the desk about half a foot then bent at about 60 degrees upwards (so the rest of the arm was angling towards the surface of the desk). After the 'elbow' the arm continued for about another foot before a wrist and 'hand' where attached. The wrist looked to be quite a sophisticated little ball and socket joint while hand had only one purpose that I could see. It had three fingers two of which could hold something about the size of a cigar and which could be tightened by the screwing of a pair of wing nuts. The other finger was positioned above it. With a release of a catch and a wound spring to would slowly put pressure on the top of whatever object the other two fingers held.

The man (perhaps thinking 'outside the box') did not employ the hand for (what I perceived) as its intended purpose. Instead within the two 'gripping' fingers was a pen. The man was trying very hard to manipulate the pen, hand, arm and all to do his bidding by gripping with one hand the 'pressure' finger. He looked tired lonely and frustrated. There were some markings on the paper directly beneath the pen; from my vantage point I couldn't see what they were.

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Oct. 5th, 2005 07:03 pm stealing

i have yet again done no work today.... i did plagerise womeone elses humour earlier in the week which was a lot harder than i thought it could be...... im not very good with the whole joking/ being-funny (or funi even) and in theory stealing ideas as a good way of becoming.....amusing.......to people... who are looking to be amused

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Sep. 23rd, 2005 04:40 pm

mores stuff what has happened -
i left work early woo
got a headsetwoo
made it all work with skype yay
i cant get opera to listen to be boo
qwantz awesome!
decided that talking with what is erronously grammer can be endearing to the opposite sex //syntax error---**reb++++___///.? redo from start

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Sep. 19th, 2005 05:11 pm

today i have two friends.... i complained to people and made a really good paperclip fish.... out of paperclips.... i will not drink as i have no money but in spirit i am talking like a pirate and drinking 'da grog'... can you feel the vibe.... yeaaarrggghhh matey..... i wish i had thought of a better user name....
why is the emoticon for quixotic the same as naughty??

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Sep. 16th, 2005 05:12 pm

First Post... Im missing the mountain goats for this

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